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International Students at JBU

Welcome, International Students!

Freshman PictureWelcome, international students, missionary kids, and third culture kids! JBU's international community is a thriving part of student life, making up about twenty percent of the student body. We have over 100 international students and 100 MKs/TCKs at JBU every year.

JBU is committed to welcoming international students and helping them transition to JBU life by providing many opportunities to engage and grow. Take a look at the links on the left-hand sidebar or contact Tabitha Greenwood,, international admissions counselor, with any questions you may have.

Here are some of the opportunities available to you as a part of JBU's international community.

Student Clubs & Activities

  • Council for International Friendship (CIF)CIF serves the link between International students and domestic students. Its goal is to promote awareness of other cultures and to engage in dialogue across cultures. CIF hosts events such as an international food festival with foods from around the world, salsa dances, JBU's World Cup Soccer Tournament, and international awareness events.
  • MOSAIC (Multicultural Organization of Students Active in Christ): MOSAIC is a student-lead organization intended to create unity among the minority and majority students on the JBU campus. We encourage students to embrace their culture and share it with those around them. MOSAIC has been created to be a Christ-centered student fellowship, which strives to develop and sponsor cultural, educational and social programming for their members and other JBU students. MOSAIC values every student’s contribution to the JBU campus no matter where they are from, what they look like or how cool their accent sounds
  • Mu Kappa (Missionary Kid organization)Mu Kappa is a club organized by MKs with the goal of supporting MKs in their transition from their home overseas into the college experience here at JBU. Our experiences overseas make us very unique individuals. Mu Kappa organizes events in order to encourage relationships with other fellow MKs on campus to support and encourage each other in our unique situations and experiences. Beyond this we hope that having this support system will give us confidence to make relationships with other students on campus. Events include but are not limited to: camping, weekly dinners with the missionary-in-residence family, annual goat roast, movie nights and supporting the rugby team at home games.
  • World Awareness Week: Every fall, JBU invites mission organizations and speakers who work around the world to JBU in order to speak to the campus about God's work around the world. JBU students have a chance to get involved in ministries across the country. There is also a flag ceremony during chapel in which flags of all of the international students at JBU are displayed.

Support for Internationals and MKs

  • Missionaries in Residence: The Missionaries in Residence (MIRs) at JBU provide support, comfort, help, and a slice of home to the MKs and TCKs at JBU. They also serve to broaden the campus's awareness of world missions by hosting events such as a prayer night. They serve weekly dinners or desserts to MKs and internationals and spend time getting to know and support students. Find out more about the MIRs here.
  • Friendship Families: Friendship Families are local American families who introduce international students to life in America. Families take students into their homes for dinners, game nights, and fellowship. Students and families develop a close relationship where they can exchange advice, cultural appreciation, and emotional support. For more information, check out this page
  • International Programs Office: The International Office at JBU is committed to supporting international students and MKs and helping each student flourish during their time at JBU. The International Office manages F1 visas and any questions about taxes, health insurance, and other international student concerns. The International Office also offers help for when students need some extra support.



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Bill Stevenson
Director of International Programs
Ruby Bowles
International Office Administrative Assistant and Designated School Official
Tabitha Greenwood
Admissions Counselor for International Students and MKs
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