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Every summer, JBU students have the opportunity to travel across the globe and study anywhere from the mountain slopes of Switzerland to the forests of Costa Rica and the historic Irish city of Belfast. Subjects offered range from business to psychology, philosophy, and wellness. Look through the list below or stop by the International Office for more information about these study abroad opportunities! 


Previous Summer Studies Destinations

Other Programs

The Pilgrimage

Spain, France, and Switzerland

Dates: 11 May - 10 June

Cost: $4900

Team Leaders: Rod Reed

Courses Offered (6 credits):

KIN 1081: Aerobic walking and jogging

RPH 3323: Introduction to Philosophy

BBL 4002: Capstone Seminar




Psychology/Christian Ministries/Family & Human Services

Dates: 29 May - 26 June

Cost: $5400

Team Leaders: Kevin Simpson, Jason Lanker

Courses Offered (6 credits):

PSY 2233: Theories of Counseling

PSY/FAM 3413: Freud, Jung, and Birth of Personality Psychology

BBL 4002: Capstone Seminar

Costa Rica

Panama/Costa Rica Business Studies

Dates: 7 May - 21 May

Cost: $3495

Team Leaders: Randall Waldron

Courses Offered:

BUS 4133: Strategic Management from an International Perspective


Irish Studies: Family & Human Services 

Dates: 16 July - 30 July

Cost: $3900

Team Leaders: Melissa Hall

Courses Offered:

ICS 4123: Intercultural Family Seminar







Poland Studies

Location: Poland, Czech Republic, Slovenia

Team Leaders: Jason Lanker & Kevin Simpson

Courses Offered (6 credits):

CMN 2263: Discipleship and Evangelism

PSY 2243: Introduction to Therapeutic Interviewing

BBL 4002: Capstone Seminar in Christian Life



ChinaChina Studies

Location: Beijing, Xi'an, Shanghai, and Yunan, China

Team Leaders: Randall Waldron

Cost: $5995

Team Size: 8-10

Courses Offered:

ECN 4133: The Chinese Economy (Selected Topics) 

INT 4133/ BUS 4133: The Chinese Business Environment (Selected Topics)




ItalyItalian Studies

Location: Venice, Florence, Rome, Turin, and Milan, Italy

Team Leaders: Scott Jones

Team Size: 12

Courses Offered:

BBL 3003 Evangelical Theology

POL 2013 American Government

ART 2153 European Arts and Culture




For more information, contact:

Mindi Stevenson
Coordinator of International Education
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