Irish Studies Semester

Experience a Semester in Ireland

If you’re looking for a chance to experience a beautiful foreign country while learning alongside fellow JBU students, you’ve found it here. You’ll stay at JBU’s own Lakeside Manor, located just four miles outside of Belfast city centre. Even better, you can earn fifteen hours of university credit toward your core curriculum and/or major requirements.

While in Ireland, you’ll get to travel around the island and visit sites connected to your studies as well as some of the most beautiful tourist locations. You’ll visit spots where great Irish authors, such as W.B. Yeats, penned some of their greatest works. You’ll pray in Saul, the site of St. Patrick's first church in Ireland. You'll visit Stormont, Northern Ireland's parliament and get to have Q & A time with Members of the Legislative Assembly.  You’ll enjoy Irish culture, great fish & chips, Irish stew, and of course the best cup of tea you'll find in the world! For more information on Northern Ireland, check out this website.

General Information

Dates: Every Fall Semester

Cost: Same as JBU tuition, room, and board plus approximately $1,600 (Admin & book rental:  $400; flight from USA - Ireland approximately $1300). 100% of JBU institutional aid applies. Limited work-study positions available.

Team Size: 14+

Professors: John Lenschow, Ryan Hawk, Philip Orr, James McKeown, Hazel Neill

Location: Belfast, Northern Ireland


Courses Offered (maximum 15 Credit Hours):

BBL 4043 Capstone Seminar: Irish Perspectives of Christian Life  (Satisfies BBL4002 Capstone Seminar in Bible Core)

A writing-intensive course designed to encourage critical and reflective thought about Christian formation. The Core Curriculum's significant role in Christian formation is considered. Works of St. Patrick and C.S. Lewis are presented as a basis for student reflection and as guides to Christian living. Students visit historical sites significant to each of these men and develop an understanding of their writings and contributions to the Christian faith. Visits to local churches give students opportunity to observe the present-day church in Ireland and to enjoy fellowship with Irish believers of various denominations.

RPH 3003  Introduction to Philosophy  (Philosophy Core)

A survey of the main areas of philosophy, including metaphysics, epistemology, ethics, and philosophy of religion.  Students should develop their critical reading skills, their ability to analyze difficult but rewarding philosophical texts, and their ability to advance a single, clear argument on philosophical issues. Additionally, students should become more comfortable speaking about philosophical problems and concerns, and they should know more about the relationship between the Christian faith and contemporary philosophy.

BBL 3003  Essentials of Evangelical Theology  (Bible Core)

Evangelical Theology is a study of the essential doctrines of the Christian faith, including Scripture, the triune God, salvation, the Church, creation, and the eternal Kingdom. The unity of divine revelation and the contemporary applicability of the Scriptures are emphasized. By studying the method of theological formation, students should be able to discern primary and secondary theological concepts and apply them properly to their personal lives as well as to their involvement in the Church and the world.

EGL 4043  Masterpieces of Irish Literature  (Satisifies EGL 4003 Masterpieces of Literature Core)                                

A reading-intensive overview of the literary history of Ireland through examination of selected works of Irish writers, poets and playwrights such as William Butler Yeats, Oscar Wilde, Seamus Heaney, Samuel Beckett, George Bernard Shaw, James Joyce, C. S. Lewis, and others. A scholarly paper is required.

ART 2163  Irish Art & Culture  (Art Core)         

A study of Irish art forms such as painting, sculpture, architecture, and film. Special attention is given to the connection between art forms and Irish history and culture. As part of the Irish Studies Program, the course combines academic course work with visits to important cultural sites in Ireland as well as guest lecturers from contemporary artists.

ECN 2543 Economics and Society of Ireland  (Social Science Core)

On-location study of major economic and social issues facing Northern Ireland, and by extension the European Union. Using primary text, The Economics of European Integration, students gain understanding of topics such as distribution of wealth and income, unemployment, economic and monetary union, common markets, cultural identity, and conditions for balanced growth. Other texts and class activities apply theories and insights to the Irish situation.

How to Apply:

1. Fill out the Application for Irish Studies Semester.
2. Return the application and all documentation to International Programs Office.
3. The studies team leaders review all applications and will communicate with applicants accordingly.