Irish Studies

Adventure awaits you - apply today!

JBU's Irish Studies ~ summer & semester programs-both spring & fall-are based at JBU's  Lakeside Manor, in Belfast, Northern Ireland! 

*Interested in our summer term? Check out this link: Summer Irish Studies

*Interested in our spring or fall term?  You are at the right place!

Fall Term dates are approximately 7 September - 7 December. 

Spring Term dates are approximately January 28 - April 28.

Your cost for the term is the same as JBU tuition, room & board plus about $1,500 (admin fee, book rental, and flight).  Note:  100% of your JBU institutional aid and outside aid like Pell Grants apply. Limited work-study positions are also available!  

Earn the global engagement requirement and 15 credit hours. Honors credits are available. One online JBU course is allowed.

FALL Coursework: 

ART 2163  Irish Art & Culture (Core & Global engagement)   

BBL 2013  Evangelical Theology (Bible Core)

BBL 2043  Christian Formation (Bible Core)  

BUS 4103 Global Environment of Business 

HST 2023 Integrated Humanities II  (Core)

ICS 2113 Intercultural Communication


SPRING Coursework:

ART 2163 Irish Art & Culture

BBL 2013 Evangelical Theology 

BBL 2043 Christian Formation

POL 4103 Peace & Conflict Reconciliation (required for all students)

EGL 3043 Irish Literature

HST 2023 Integrated Humanities II: Irish history & literature

ICS 2113 Intercultural Communication


Drop by the International Programs office for an application, print one now Fall Irish Studies Application or email Melissa Stevenson for more information!