Irish Studies: Fall Semester

Enjoy Ireland for a semester!

Stay at JBU’s own Lakeside Manor, located just four miles outside of Belfast city centre. Earn fifteen hours of university credit toward your core curriculum and/or major requirements.  We also offer Honors components and fulfill required courses for both new & old catalogs.  Want to know more about Northern Ireland?  Check out this website.

General Information

Dates: September 5 - December 5

Cost: Same as JBU tuition, room, and board plus approximately $1,600 (admin fee & book rental:  $400; flight from USA - Ireland approximately $1300). 100% of JBU institutional and all other aid applies. Limited work-study positions are also available!

Team Size: 18

Professors: John Lenschow, Ian Dixson, James McKeown, Hazel Neill, Paddy Roche

Location: Belfast, Northern Ireland


Academics  (honors credits available):

ART 2163  Irish Art & Culture (Core & Global engagement requirement)   

BBL 2013  Essentials of Evangelical Theology (Bible Core)

BBL 2043  Essentials of Christian Formation (Bible Core) 


BIO 1003  Biology (Natural Science Core)

ECN 2543 Economics and Society of Ireland  (Social Science Core)

HST 2023 Integrated Humanities II  (Core)


How to Apply:

1. Fill out the Application for Irish Studies Semester.
2. Return the application and all documentation to International Programs Office.
3. The studies team leaders review all applications and will communicate with applicants accordingly.