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One of the best reasons to consider the Uganda Studies Program is the access it will give you to Uganda Christian University (UCU). UCU is not only a top university in East Africa, it places Jesus Christ at the center of its mission. UCU serves as the base of operations for USP students throughout the semester. While you will be doing some traveling around the country, you will spend the majority of your time at UCU. Currently there are more than 2000 students drawn from across the region attending the university. Here are some other features of the program:

  • Live in Mukono, Uganda, a beautiful and safe campus 30 minutes from the capital, Kampala.
  • Take special courses in African culture, history and religion.
  • Share dorms and dialogue with Uganda Christian University Honours College students
  • Enjoy Uganda's wildlife-from the monkeys and parrots that live on campus to the teeming wildlife in Uganda's game parks.
  • Visit Lake Victoria and see the source of the Nile River.
  • Participate in ministry and service projects.
  • Earn up to 16 hours of credit

Please note that the Global Healthcare track requires an additional $1,500 fee.

For more information, visit Bestsemester: Uganda.

Student Life

All students participate in both Mukono and rural homestays. 'Homestay students' apply to live with a family for the duration of the semester. 'On-campus students' who stay in the dorms on campus spend two weeks living with a host family early on in the semester.  On rural homestays, all students spend a week living and learning with a a family in a rural Ugandan village.


Faith & Action in the Ugandan Context 4
African Context Courses 3-12
UCU Elective Course 0-3


Junior Level:  

Social Work Practicum


Social Work Seminar for the Ugandan Context


African Context Courses


UCU Elective Course

Senior Level:  

Social Work Practicum for Senior Level


Social Work Seminar for the Ugandan Context



* Participation in the Social Work Emphasis is open only to declared Social Work majors. Minor adjustments in credits and hours can be made in communication with the USP Social Work Coordinator.


How to Apply:

1. Select your program and complete the application found on this page of the CCCU BestSemester website. Please note the deadlines.

2. Notify the International Office of your intent to participate by contacting Mindi Stevenson at by October 20th (spring semester deadline) or February 20th (fall semester deadline).


For More Information, contact:

Mindi Stevenson
International Education Coordinator
John Brown University

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