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The Oxford Summer Program, CCCU's only summer program, is held at the Centre for Medieval & Renaissance Studies, affiliated with Oxford University's Keble College. The Oxford Summer Program is academically rigorous and fuels intellectual development at all levels of education.  For more information, check out Bestsemester: Oxford Summer Programme.

Student Life

With over 100 libraries, discussion classes, lectures, and one-on-one tutorials, every student spends a lot of the time reading ... and reading ... and reading! If working at one of the best research establishments in the world excites you, then this is the programme for you! The only thing you will do as much as read, is write. The program isn't just work, though. You'll also get to travel around some of the most historical sites in England, including following the footsteps of CS Lewis, JRR Tolkien, and Jane Austen.

Students live in the North Wing of Wycliffe Hall, situated 10 minutes walk away from the centre of town. While public transportation is accessible, due to its cost, students are encouraged to bike and walk around Oxford as much as possible.


Seminar & Tutorial A 3
Seminar & Tutorial B 3


  • Lecture Series: All students participate in the lecture series "The Christian tradition in the British Isles." This course includes lectures and field trips to sites of major interest, providing the historical context for work undertaken in the seminars.
  • Seminars: All students participate in two different seminars. Students are evaluated by seminar leaders on the basis of written work.  Seminars can be taken for undergraduate or graduate credit.
  • Tutorials: As part of their seminars students participate in individual tutorials during the second part of the programme. While meeting one-on-one with their seminar leader, students develop, discuss and defend an essay related to the students' seminar topic.

How to Apply:

Complete the application found on this page of the CCCU BestSemester website. Please note the deadlines.

For More Information, contact:
Mindi Stevenson
International Education Coordinator
John Brown University

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