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Come to England and participate in this rigorous academic program, aimed at increasing critical thinking skills and scholarship. As a student in the Scholars' Semester in Oxford (SSO), you are a Registered Visiting Student of the University of Oxford (a privilege for very few visiting students). This is your access point to a 900-year-old institution that is world-recognized for academic excellence, and boasts 119 libraries with 11 million books and outstanding electronic resources.

SSO is designed specifically for students seeking an academically robust program. It begins with primary and secondary tutorials. Here, you and an accomplished Oxford scholar go head-to-head on a topic chosen from hundreds of subjects relating to history, literature, languages, philosophy or science. And when it’s all said, done, debated and graded, you'll return home with more questions than you brought with you. Because of its intensive nature, SSO requires a 3.7 GPA at minimum and, at JBU, membership in the Honors Program.

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Student Life

Your Visiting Student status comes with extraordinary privileges such as: participating in Oxford’s athletic clubs, taking part in artistic organizations, and of course, an all-access pass to world-renowned libraries. It culminates in a program that many students find to be the perfect bridge from the undergraduate world to the world of graduate studies.

SCIO has two Oxford residences: the North Wing of Wycliffe Hall, a large college residence north of the centre of town; and The Vines, a late-Victorian mansion on Headington Hill overlooking Oxford's ‘dreaming spires'. Bicycles are available to students living in the Vines.

Apart from some lunches organized as part of the program, all students will need to prepare their own meals while in Oxford.  All students accepted on the program receive an up-to-date price list of various foods to help work out a budget.


Primary Tutorial 6
Secondary Tutorial 3
Undergraduate Research Seminar 4
Selected Topics in British Culture 4


How to Apply:

1. Select your program and complete the application found on this page of the CCCU BestSemester website. Please note the deadlines.
2. Notify the International Office of your intent to participate by contacting Mindi Stevenson at mstevens@jbu.edu by October 20th (spring semester deadline) or February 20th (fall semester deadline).

For More Information, contact:

Mindi Stevenson
International Education Coordinator
John Brown University

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