"Pre-Law" is not a major at John Brown University. Current trends indicate that law schools are not looking for Pre-Law majors but, instead, are looking for students who have successfully completed a rigorous liberal arts program of study and who can perform well on the LSAT. For that reason, we believe John Brown University's Pre-Law Professional Program (which includes the Pre-Law minor) prepares our students well for the competitive law school admissions process.

The purpose of the Pre-Law Professional Program is to assist students in developing the skills and knowledge necessary for active intellectual engagement in the first year of law school. The Pre-Law Professional Program also seeks to assist students as they explore their interest in various areas within the legal profession . To meet these goals, the Pre-Law Professional Program consists of the following components:

  • The Pre-Law Minor, which can be taken in conjunction with a major of the student's choice, as a way to develop the verbal, written, and analytical skills necessary for law school while maintaining academic rigor in a liberal arts major.
  • The advice and guidance of a Pre-Law Program Director who is both a professor and lawyer.
  • Availability online of Mock LSAT test and score analysis.
  • An introduction to the integration of faith and the practice of law, as well as exposure to currently practicing legal professionals, in JBU's Christianity & the Law course.
  • Exposure to the law through JBU's Constitutional Law, Communication Law and Ethics, Family Law, and/or Business Law courses.
  • The opportunity for competitive admissions and scholarships for the Law, Justice and Culture Institute, a two-week May-term course at Trinity Christian College for undergraduate students interested in law school. The course consists of legal study and analysis, guest speakers who are lawyers in a variety of fields, and a day trip to the University of Chicago, School of Law, where students meet with law school personnel and sit in on a first-year law class.



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