1. The Scriptures establish the basic values which should guide the development of Christian character and govern Christian behavior. These include:

A. Making Christ preeminent in our lives.
B. Loving God with all our being and our neighbor as ourselves.
C. Seeking after righteousness and practicing justice in our dealings with one another.
D. Exercising our freedom responsibly within the framework of God's moral law, with loving regard for the sensitivities and weaknesses of others.
E. Seeking the forgiveness of God and others for our shortcomings.
F. Seeking the help of the Holy Spirit as we help others.
G. Seeking God's will through prayer and study of the Scripture.


2. In keeping with the spirit of the basic Christian values stated above and with employment objectives, faculty members are expected to:

A. Attend chapel regularly and participate actively in the institution's other Christian formation opportunities.
B. Attend faculty meetings and assigned committee meetings.
C. Emphasize the integration of faith, learning, and living inside and outside the classroom.
D. Encourage and support spiritual growth in students.
E. Perform satisfactorily the duties of teaching, including meeting classes, keeping appointments, advising, keeping office hours, reporting grades promptly, and responding appropriately to directives from administrators.
F. Participate actively in the program of a local church.
G. Exemplify personal integrative values by participation in some cross-section of extracurricular events.
H. Support Biblical ethics and morality by personal life-style.
I. Show concern for physical health and personal testimony by supporting publicly and in relationship with students the college policy of vigorously discouraging the use of tobacco products and alcoholic beverages (except for culinary, medicinal, or sacramental purposes).


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