Photo: Two Tiers

Two Tiers

Foundational and Integrated Discovery

The JBU Honors program is a unique honors program. Rather than simply offering a list of honors courses students may haphazardly choose over four years, our Honors program offers two “discovery” tiers. In both tiers, students choose available curricular and co-curricular options based on individual strengths, gifts and career plans. After completing the requirements for the first tier, students promote to the second one.

This intentional approach cuts down on busywork, providing students with individualized paths through their college career and allowing students to tailor a cohesive, meaningful learning experience.    

Tier 1: Foundational Discovery in Freshmen and Sophomore Years  (Recommended: nine to 12 hours).
Students build foundational knowledge in a variety of disciplines and contexts, including out-of-classroom experience, which may or may not pertain to their major. In this tier, faculty and mentors set learning goals and track student development.

Tier 2: Integrated Discovery in Junior Year (Recommended:  six to nine hours) and Self-directed Discovery in Senior Year (Recommended: three hours).
Students explore connections within and between disciplines and contexts. Many students choose to take "integrated" seminars, Integrated Humanities or Integrated Theology, team-taught courses offered over two semesters. Students are offered challenging experiences both academically and socially. Both faculty mentors and students are responsible for setting goals and tracking development.

Students build on curricular and co-curricular experiences, exploring and acting on original ideas. Students may choose from other senior-level experiences such as internships and holding executive-level leadership positions. At this point, students are responsible for setting learning goals and tracking their own development along with input from faculty or mentor. 



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