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Co-Curricular Events

Co-Curricular Events

Freshmen Float Trip

Each fall incoming honors freshmen float the Illinois River by canoe, kayak or raft on a specific Saturday afternoon. This opportunity gives freshmen time to introduce themselves to one another, meet faculty and take a break from study. Rental, life jackets and snacks are provided at no cost.

Ice Cream SocialAnnual Ice Cream Parlor

All honors students are invited to the annual Ice Cream Parlour after the first day of classes to catch-up, meet faculty families, play games and eat ice cream sundaes. This is a great time to meet honor's faculty and their families.

Sabbath Sunday

Throughout the school year students are invited to participate in Sabbath Sunday. Commonly hosted in a faculty home, this time is set a side to simply enjoy a Sunday afternoon together. Resting, visiting, playing games, cooking/eating and finger painting have been enjoyed in the past.

Integrated Faith and Learning Presentations

Each semester, upper classmen present Integrated Faith and Learning essays formed through their capstone projects. The JBU community and others are invited to hear the presentations during a specific lunch time. Complimentary meals are provided through the HSP.

Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art Tour

Honors freshmen travel to Bentonville, for a self-guided tour of Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art during the fall semester. Here you will find great masterpieces of art on display for your enjoyment. Travel and entry to the museum are free.

Finals Snack Break

During fall and spring exam week, all honors students get-together at the center to take a break from studying for finals and to celebrate the end of the semester. A wide variety of snacks are available.

Regional and National Conferences

Honors students are encouraged to present their original research at honor conferences. Abstracts for these conferences are due usually in late fall or early spring. An Abstract Seminar is provided in the fall to help with guidelines in writing and submitting abstracts for presenting. Final abstract review is provided by the honors advisor upon your request. If accepted by the hosting conference abstract committee, students may present their research. Sophomores are encouraged to submit abstracts and present at the Great Plains Honors Council Conference (GPHC) hosted in March or April. Juniors and Seniors are encouraged to submit abstracts for review and to present at the National Council on Undergraduate Research (NCUR) again, in March or April. Registration, traveling, lodging and meals are provided by the JBU Honors Scholars Program.

Are You Smarter Than

Each year faculty and student teams compete to earn the "Are You Smarter Than" award. This competition is held in Simmons Great Hall and based on correct answers to a wide array of questions. Each team is asked specific questions and given points for correct answers. The winning team has their name placed on the "Are you Smarter Than" trophy. In 2015 a student team won the trophy, taking it from the 2014 faculty team. This event is sponsored by the Honors Executive Council.

Graduating Senior Reception

The honors reception held every spring before graduation, is a time to recognize and congratulate seniors on their accomplishments. The reception includes an address from the current HSP Executive Council President, introduction of new executive council members, presenting of honor stoles and formal picture taking of graduates.

The Venue

The HSP Executive Council hosts The Venue, a campus-wide event in which participants (honors and non-honors students, faculty, staff and administrators) are encouraged to explore the arts and/or raise their awareness of current political and social causes.

Each Venue is organized around a theme such as Jazz, History of Photography or Italian Renaissance. The Venue tends to draw between 150 and 250 participants each semester.

Candlelight Services

Each Christmas season the JBU Music Department with others present Candlelight. This three-night community-wide event is held in the Cathedral of the Ozarks and draws many from NWA to experience an evening filled with music. Honor students volunteer as ushers during one of the services.
















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