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During their junior or senior years, many honor students write an original, major-related project based on interests, gifts, passions and goals beyond JBU. A faculty member supervises each student through selection of the topic, research, writing, and completion of the capstone project. A completed capstone project, 21 honors credit hours and a 3.5 (or 3.75 honors) GPA allows students to graduate with Presidential Honors (highest honors).The project is often considered equivalent to a graduate-level assignment and allows the student to demonstrate competence for graduate school and employment.

Recent majors represented through the Honors Capstone Projects include:

  • Philosophy – “The Problem of Evil: A Theodicy of Natural Law, Goodness, and Freedom”
  • Engineering – “Assisting Device for Manually Handicapped Workers”
  • Illustration- “Illustrating Walter Wangerin’s The book of the Dun Cow”
  • Music - “From Acculturation to Acceptance: The Story of Western Cherokee Hymnody”
  • Chemistry – “A Computational Analysis of the Diastereospecificity of the Adol Addition of S-(+)-Carvone to Benzaldehyde Derivatives”
  • Business – “TadeUp: A Business Plan”
  • Education – “Instruction beyond Testing: Using Reading as a Tool for Standardized Test Improvement”
  • History – “Christ and Conflict: Religion, Theological Reflection, and the Twentieth-Century Combat Verteran”
  • Construction Management – “Agricultural and Renewable Energy Cooperatives within Real Estate Development”



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