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Lead and Mentor

Pouring into Other Students

2016 Executive Council

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Executive Council
The Honors Scholars Program offers a wide range of opportunities for students to use their unique gifts and to grow both spiritually and intellectually. Many of our students choose to serve as leaders in honors as Executive Council members and serve as an official voice of honor students. Council members receive honors credit for their participation. The council is made up of a President, Vice President, Secretary, Student Recruiter, Director of Communications, Director of Finance, Director of Events, and Director of Spiritual Formation. These students meet weekly to discuss and develop academic, cultural, and social programming or events. Elections are held in the spring to fill vacant positions.

Associate Executive Council Member
Each Executive Council member may have associates to serve with them throughout the year. The associates help schedule, plan and execute events as needed.

Honors Gateway Mentor
All honors freshmen are required to take an Honors Gateway class. An honors upper-classman serves in each class as a mentor for students. Mentors are available to answer questions and are available in and out of the classroom. Honors credits are given to honors Gateway mentors.

Other Opportunities
Many honor students serve throughout our campus. They are found serving the Student Government Association and other major leadership positions. Some serve on the Student Ministries Leadership Team as campus or outreach directors. Others find enjoyment as Resident Assistants, which live in a residence hall and help develop campus community.








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