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Experience Leading the Classroom

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Kelsey Balzer '11 did not think coming to college would mean teaching a class, but thanks to the Honors Program, she helped co-teach a history class with Dr. Posey. "Teaching is an attempt to learn with altruism, and primarily hope and work towards the development and progress of others. This time has been a humbling and influential way to finish my time at JBU," Kelsey said.

Honors Scholars Program students have the opportunity to help teach a lower-division class in their major under the supervision of a senior faculty member. This experience offers honors students a behind-the-scenes look at their field of study, introduces them to the pedagogy of their discipline, and provides a rare opportunity of teaching at a university level. Many students who have co-taught have gone on to graduate school in order to later become university professors.


  • Students must complete the two-course sequence to receive credit.
    • First semester: students meet bi-monthly with their faculty supervisor to discuss course organization, teaching strategies and to observe the faculty in his or her classroom. Student must submit a written reflection.
    • Second semester: the student teaches up to 13 classes of a lower-division course under the guidance of his or her faculty member. Student must submit a written reflection. 


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