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The Center, located on the south side of campus is a shared center and is available to Honors and LSI students. Open from 7am to 11pm weekly and 7am to midnight on weekends, the Center provides a location for classes, studying, cooking, grilling on the patio or watching movies. 

“It [the center] creates a sense of identity and belonging to a group. The Honors House is a place where we can go to be with people that have things in common." -- Erica Warren '16 (English)

The front door opens into a living room area where an arrangement of couches and tables create an atmosphere conducive to studying or socializing. At almost any hour of the day, students can be found occupying a chair or table, reading for class, or searching the web. There is also a television and a DVD player for watching movies. Other features of the Center include frequent student art displays, a fully-outfitted kitchen and a free, shared laundry room.

The Shirley Thomas Library was added in 2008. Shirley Thomas founded the Honors Program in 1988, and this collection of books reflects her commitment to learning. Students are encouraged to borrow the books and donate their own to the library.



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