Honors Event Calendar

Honors 2021-2022 Calendar

10 First Day of Classes
17 MLK Day
21 Last Day to Add a Course
11 Fulbright Scholarship Seminar
17 Erin Shaw Lecture
18 Petition to Promote to Tier Two Begins
20 Scholarship Weekend Honors Coffeehouse
24 Abstract Writing Seminar for HSP Academic Celebration
25 Petition to Promote to Tier Two Ends
  Abstracts Due by noon for HSP Academic Celebration
4 Last Day to Drop a Course
6 Sabbath Sunday, 1 of 2
7 Honors Capstone/Contract Proposal Workshop
9 What to Expect in Tier Two
15 What to Expect in Tier Two (repeat)
17 Capstone/Contract Proposals Due at noon
21-25 Spring Break
  Open Advising with Caitlyn Bennett
28 Conference Presenting Workshop
4-8 Virtual NCUR Conference
7 Outdoor Lecture with Travis Chaney/Concert with Traci Manos
10 Sabbath Sunday,2 of 2
13 HSP Academic Celebration
15 Easter Break (Good Friday)
20, 21 Faith Integration Presentations
27, 28 Faith Integration Presentations
28 HSP Senior Reception
2-5 Finals Week
5 Commencement