Influenza vs. Cold

So you think you have the flu? Well, maybe not. It may be the common cold. Both influenza and the common cold are viruses and they both make you feel miserable, however listed below are the differences. This is to help you determine what you have and how to best treat it!

Signs and symptoms



Fever Greater than 101 Less than 101
Body Aches Severe Mild
Chills Common Uncommon
Tiredness Moderate to severe Mild
Symptom Onset Rapid Gradually
Cough Dry, unproductive
(no phlegm/mucus)
Hacky, productive
Sneezing Uncommon Common
Nasal Congestion Uncommon Common
Sore Throat Uncommon Common
Chest Discomfort Often severe Mild to Moderate
Headache Common Uncommon


If you think you have Influenza seek medical attention immediately. There are anti-viral medications a physician can prescribe for you. These medications can lessen the time and severity of the illness. It WILL NOT cure you. Also you must start on the medications within 48 hours of the first symptom. Antibiotics WILL NOT help with influenza or the common cold.    


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