Financial Questions

Coronavirus FAQ - Room and Board and Financial Aid


Will students receive a refund for room and board for the rest of this semester?
Students will receive a credit to their student account for 7/16 (43.75%) of their room and board costs for the time in which you were displaced from JBU with a few exceptions of students who have received JBU institutional aid for room and board.

How long will a refund take to process?
If the room and board adjustment creates a credit balance and a student requests a refund, refund processing generally takes 2-14 days. If they are enrolled in direct deposit, the refund is generally issued in 2-7 days. Go here to direct your credit.

Do students still need to make the regularly scheduled April payment on their student account?
We are allowing students to postpone their April payment until April 15. This will give time for the room and board adjustments to be posted to the accounts. 

Will students still be able to register if a balance is on their account?
For those students who have past due balances because of pending room and board and work-study adjustments, we will postpone the hold to allow the students to register.

What happens to students’ financial aid if they successfully complete the semester?
It remains the same.

What happens if a student decides to withdraw from the semester?
Our normal withdrawal policies apply, including potential proration of federal aid.

Since JBU traditional undergraduate courses are now being delivered remotely, does my tuition change to the online undergraduate tuition rate? 
Even though the courses are being delivered remotely, JBU’s traditional undergraduate expense structure is still based on the traditional student experience of on-ground education. JBU has also incurred additional information technology expenses in order to enable these courses to be taught remotely. Therefore, we will be unable to reduce the traditional student’s spring 2020 tuition to the online rate.

If I received institutional aid toward my room and board will I receive a credit?
No. Students will not receive a credit for room and board that was paid for by institutional aid.