Miscellaneous Questions

Coronavirus FAQ - Miscellaneous Questions


How will chapel work for the rest of the semester?
We hope to video the rest of our Acts series and make it available for students to watch. We will not be taking “attendance” and the chapel credit requirement will be waived for this semester.

How will students receive their mail and/or packages they may be expecting?
If you have ordered items online recently, we suggest trying to change the shipping address immediately. If you are unable to do so and packages are delivered to JBU, we will get them sent to you. Each student will need to fill out forwarding information, and it would be helpful if you notify the post office about any packages expected. Please use this online form.

Are students still under the Community Covenant?
The Community Covenant is designed to foster healthy lifestyle expectations for JBU students to experience relationships of love, grace and peace. The four guiding principles of affirming and honoring scripture, striving to live with integrity, support and care for individual uniqueness, and active participation in the community are applicable in an online context. So, JBU students are expected to continue to abide by these four pillars.

However, the context of the shift to a virtual learning format has generated a particular question regarding the use of alcohol. As outlined in the Covenant, JBU recognizes the governance of the home and does not intend to infringe on the family structure. Students who no longer live on-campus are assumed to be part of the family unit and under the direction of governing laws and their parents/guardians. The prudential guidance of the prohibition for those students living in JBU owned housing or remaining in the residential facilities remains intact.