Events Questions

Coronavirus FAQ - EVENTS

Are campus events canceled between now and Mar. 21?  
We are making determinations based on social distancing guidelines and looking for possible alternatives for the events currently scheduled on campus. We will keep the campus community informed. 

Is commencement canceled?
We have not made a decision about commencement at this time, because we recognize that a lot can change in 8 weeks. We realize this presents a lot of uncertainty about travel arrangements and for that we apologize. If commencement is not held in May, students will be more than welcome to participate in our ceremony in December or even in May 2021.

If commencement is later canceled, can students get a refund on their regalia?
If commencement is canceled, students will be able to request a refund for their graduation regalia. Please contact the bookstore. There will be a limited return window because of the short notice, so please watch your JBU email for more information.

If commencement does get canceled and you would still like your regalia and are not local, the bookstore will ship it to you if you contact them. Shipping is $5.95 for bachelor’s and $6.95 for masters. Email or call. If you just want to purchase just a tassel, you can do so in the bookstore for $7.