Dining and Ground Floor Coffee Questions

Coronavirus FAQ - Dining and Ground Floor Coffee

Is the cafeteria still open?
As of now, the cafeteria is open and will be through dinner on Friday, Mar. 20. We have adjusted some of our serving procedures.

What will happen to student’s declining balance dollars?
If you are graduating, you will have through Friday, Mar. 20 to use your balance in the cafeteria or Cali Café. No refunds will be provided. If you are returning to JBU in the fall, we will carry your declining balance forward because of the unusual circumstances.

What happens if a student has a remaining balance on their Ground Floor Coffee card?
For seniors, please bring your Ground Floor Coffee declining balance card to Ground Floor on Monday, March 16, from 1-4 p.m. to receive the equivalent value credited to your JBU student account.  If this causes a credit balance on your account, JBU will process the refunding of that money through the normal student account process. Otherwise, it will reduce your account balance owed to JBU.

For all other students, the existing Ground Floor Coffee declining balance cards may be saved by the student to use for purchases at Ground Floor next fall.