Academic Questions

Transition to Remote Learning

Will there be classes the week of March 16?
Classes for next week have been canceled. This decision was made to allow students time to make adjustments to their travel schedules and prepare to move out of the residence halls by Mar. 21. Any assignments, projects or tests that were set to take place that week will be moved to a later date with specifics coming from your professor.

However, your faculty may ask you to log in to a "test session" of your class next week so that everyone is comfortable with the technology that will be used to conduct remote teaching.

What about projects and assignments that can't be done remotely like engineering and visual arts?
Your professors will be making adjustments to assignments based on the online teaching format.

What if I do not have access to a computer or an Internet connection?
We recognize that some students may have difficulties with internet access or other challenges in this online format, and we ask that if you anticipate difficulty, you contact the Help Desk. We will be available in the WSC from 10-3 on Friday, Mar. 13 or via or 479-524-7256 next week to seek to resolve those questions before March 30. We also ask that you stay in touch with your faculty so that they understand your potential challenges.

Will this change anything for online undergraduate students?
No. Your classes will continue as they have been.

How are graduate classes affected?
If your classes are online, they will remain the same and classes will continue the week of Mar. 16. If your grad class meets face-to-face, those classes will be suspended the week of Mar. 16 and move to online on Mar. 30. This is true of the Siloam campus, Rogers and Little Rock classes.

Will summer programs continue?
JBU is monitoring the situation and will provide updates. Contact Bill Stevenson for more information. 

How do students return rental books to the JBU bookstore?
If students are local, they are welcome to come to campus to return their rental books. Operating hours for the bookstore may be shortened slightly, so we suggest checking the website for details before you visit. For nonlocal students, you can log in to your Follett rental account, and under “Online Checkin” you can print a prepaid FedEx shipping label to return your books. (If you have trouble printing the label, please email the bookstore [], and they can email the label to you.) We are working with Follett to get an extension on the return deadline, but we suggest shipping the books as soon as you are finished with them to account for the shipping time.

Since JBU traditional undergraduate courses are now being delivered remotely, does my tuition change to the online undergraduate tuition rate?
Even though the courses are being delivered remotely, JBU’s traditional undergraduate expense structure is still based on the traditional student experience of on-ground education. JBU has also incurred additional information technology expenses in order to enable these courses to be taught remotely. Therefore, we will be unable to reduce the traditional student’s spring 2020 tuition to the online rate.