Technical Requirements

Hardware, connectivity and computer skills needed for online students

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In order to access online course content you will need a computer. It is preferable that you have your own computer at home. If not, it should be a computer that is convenient for you to access, since you will have to be online and in your class at least 3 -4 times per week. It is your responsibility to have a backup plan in case your technology fails.

Computer system recommendations:

  • Microsoft Windows 10 or MAC OS 10.11 (El Capitan) or higher
  • 8 GB RAM or more recommended
  • Sound card and speakers
  • Microphone/Headset
  • High speed broadband access (LAN, Cable, or DSL)
  • Firefox 68 (or higher), or Safari 11 (or higher), Chrome 76 (or higher)
  • Word Processing Software (Microsoft Word 2016 or later is recommended)  (Note: Some courses require Microsoft Excel and Microsoft PowerPoint (Office 2016 or later))

High Speed Internet

You will need reliable internet access to participate in online courses. A minimum download speed of 1.5 Mbps is required.  A faster connection, such as cable or fiber, will provide a much better online experience.

Computer Skills

All online students should be able to:

  • Connect to the internet
  • Use email
  • Create, store and retrieve files
  • Use a word processing program
  • Copy and paste text
  • Navigate the internet
  • Install software on their computer