Kanakuk Institute Partnership

Learn more about completing your master's degree at JBU

Thank you for considering John Brown University's Graduate School programs in conjunction with the professional and spiritual preparation you are receiving or have received during your time at Kanakuk Institute. JBU is very proud to have shared in an ongoing relationship with the Institute for many years and is pleased that our academic programs can provide you with further professional development and an opportunity to earn a master’s degree.

Credit Award

Students who complete the Kanakuk Institute will be granted a certain amount of credit toward degree requirements, depending on the academic program.

Talk to your admissions counselor to learn which degree requirements are fulfilled by KI.

Course Locations

All graduate business courses are offered online, with some face-to-face courses offered at the JBU Rogers Center. The MA in Higher Education Program is offered 100% online. You can begin your JBU studies online while attending the Institute and be well on your way to the achievement of your master’s degree when you complete KI, or you can begin your JBU studies upon completion of the Institute.    

Next Step

Whether you have completed the Kanakuk Institute or are just beginning, please consider contacting us to discuss a plan that will allow you to earn your master's degree in conjunction with the work you are doing or have done at KI.

Call us at 800-528-4723 or fill out the form below.