Graduate School Pathways

Get a head start on graduate school while you're completing your undergraduate degree at JBU.

Graduate School Pathways allows you to get started on your graduate degree while you're working on your undergraduate degree. Whether you're a traditional undergrad student taking classes on the main campus in Siloam Springs, or you're finishing your bachelor's through JBU Online, you may have the opportunity to finish your bachelor's and master's more quickly and at a better value. Depending on your graduate program, you could have both your master's and bachelor's degrees in as little as five years!


Degree Options

Find the Graduate School Pathway that fits your goals.


A master's degree in the business field can add a level of marketability to any degree, opening up management and leadership roles in many industries. For example, if you want to become a creative director someday, you could really benefit from pairing an MBA with a graphic design major. You can pursue the following business master's degrees through Graduate School Pathways:


Considering a career in counseling after graduation? The counseling pathway would be a great place to get started. Learn more about the M.S. in Counseling


Knowledgeable professionals in the cybersecurity industry are in extremely high demand. If you're interested in a career safeguarding the wellness and security of people and organizations, the M.S. in Cybersecurity is an excellent Graduate School Pathway option. 

Higher Education

If you love the idea of impacting college students through a career in higher education, the M.A. in Higher Education pathway is a great fit for you. This degree will prepare you for a number of careers at a college or university, like working in a residence hall, with a college athletic team, or on a university's administration.

Special Education

If you're 1) majoring in education, 2) plan to obtain a teaching license, and 3) would love the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of students who learn differently, the M.Ed. in Special Education pathway would be a great opportunity for you.

School Counseling

Do you want to become school counselor? JBU’s M.Ed. in School Counseling will prepare you for school counseling and guidance positions in elementary and secondary schools.


Did you know you can become a licensed teacher, even if you aren't majoring in education? The teaching pathway will get you started on your Master of Arts in Teaching, which provides you with the skills and classroom experience you need to obtain an Arkansas teaching license for secondary education (grades 7-12).


How It Works

While earning your bachelor’s degree at JBU, you can take graduate courses which can count for both graduate and undergraduate hours at the same time. A maximum of 12 graduate hours count as elective credit toward your bachelor’s degree. Some graduate classes can be completed online, and some are offered face-to-face at one of JBU's campuses. Visit the Graduate Catalog for more information.

Why Go the Graduate School Pathways Route?

Through the Graduate Pathways Program, up to 12 credit hours will count as credit for both your bachelor's and master's degree, meaning you'll take fewer courses overall. That means you'll spend less time and money earning a master's degree by participating in the Graduate School Pathways Program.

Add Graduate School Pathways to Your Plan

If you are a current JBU student, fill out the form below and the Graduate School Pathway will be added to your undergraduate program. Make sure to notify your advisor so he or she can assist you with your course plan.

Please note: To be eligible for Graduate School Pathways, you must have junior or senior standing and possess a cumulative undergraduate grade point average (CGPA) of 3.0 or higher. Applicability of specific graduate courses toward undergraduate degree requirements is determined by the respective undergraduate department head. 

If you are not currently a student at JBU, contact your admissions counselor or call us at 479-524-9500.