Faculty Awards & Honors

Recent Faculty Honors & Awards

Dr. Gary J. Oliver (Counseling) published an article in the February HomeLife magazine. The Parenting On Purpose article is titled “Have Empathy” (an article on helping teenagers become more empathetic).

Todd Goehner (Visual Arts) received an honorable mention in the graphic design professional category in the national visual arts magazine Creative Quarterly for a logo he designed for Maples Electric. It will be seen online in volume 38. This is the third logo he has had accepted into the magazine.

Dr. Chuck Romig (Counseling) provided an in-service training session on handling values conflicts with clients for staff from Crossroads Counseling and Consultation Services of Tulsa on January 12, 2015.

Stew Grant (Counseling) participated in an NWA Public Discussion on Promises: Prison, Parole and Probation in Bentonville. The symposium discussed how to effectively prepare inmates for parole and reentry into society in ways that decreases the recidivism rate in the state. The event was co-sponsored by The Center for Healthy Relationships.

Judith Hobson (Education) presented the new Arkansas Department of Education (ADE) ESL Handbook with ADE Curriculum and Instruction Supervisor Miguel Hernandez, at the Southeast TESOL regional conference. Hobson worked with Dr. Andre’ Guerrero, ADE Title III Director, to make revisions for this new handbook. Hobson also served as co-chair for the conference.

Dr. Steve Beers (Business) presented at a Christian Higher Education symposium in Hong Kong and Beijing, China. The symposium included representatives from Wheaton, Taylor, Calvin, Messiah, Corbin and Cornerstone.

Dr. Jeff Terrell (Counseling) presented at the Tulsa Chapter of CAPS (Christian Association for Psychological Studies) on the topic, “Just Another Game: Working with High Functioning Psychopaths.” The presentation focused on how to recognize and cope with high functioning psychopaths who, with varying levels of functionality, can be found in every workplace, church, university, social strata and can come from any socioeconomic status.

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