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Spend a week in Ireland . . . while earning your master's degree!

To really understand your own world and professional context, it helps to step outside and experience another culture.  That is true for graduate students of Teacher Education and Higher Education.  John Brown University’s Graduate School provides students the opportunity to spend over a week in Northern Ireland learning about education “there” to better evaluate education “here.”    Students will learn from local scholars and professors, visit area schools and universities, and meet with educational leaders, while discovering the land of CS Lewis and St. Patrick. 

The course includes class time in the US plus about 10 days in Northern Ireland.  Day excursions to historic and cultural destinations such as the spectacular Giant’s Causeway, Dun Luce Castle (the inspiration for Narnia’s Cair Paravel), historic Belfast and other sites important to the dynamic history of Ireland are part of the experience.

The study trip is part of a 3-credit course that applies to JBU Teacher Education and Higher Education degree programs. 

Studying abroad in Northern Ireland is just one of the benefits of completing your graduate education degree at John Brown University.  We will post the next trip available here.

What students are saying about JBU's international trips:


"I was hesitant to register for this course but now that I have completed it, I have no regrets.  It was a HUGE learning experience for me."

"The international trip would have to be one of the best classes I have taken in the graduate program.  The experience I had traveling and learning another culture really opened my eyes to business outside the US."

"I thoroughly enjoyed the international experience and will encourage other students to pursue international study options."

 "My international study program was a life changing experience.  It's a brilliant, well structured program and a great learning opportunity."