Online Teaching Academy at John Brown University

JBU Online Teacher Academy

Thank you for your interest in the Online Teaching academy being offered at JBU 2022-2023 courtesy of the state of Arkansas. Just a reminder this is an academy to earn 15 hours of graduate credit so the workload will be equivalent to that of being in graduate school not that of professional development.  The JBU academy will offer two summer courses, two fall courses and one spring course. Each course will be online and will last approximately seven weeks. There will be one required synchronous day for each course and each instructor will offer one synchronous meeting each week for additional support but attendance is not required. You may attend the synchronous day either in person or online. If you decide to attend in person and live more than 50 miles away, a hotel room will be provided for you. 

JBU Online Teaching Academy Schedule:

5/10-6/24: Delivery, Design, Implementation, & Evaluation 

6/28-8/20: Universal Design for Learning (7/4- 7/8) break

8/22-10/14: Design & Production of Media Resources for Online Courses

10/17- 12/15: Online Teaching and Instructional Strategies

1/9-3/3: Student Success in Online Teaching


*Synchronous meeting dates 5/21, 7/9, 8/27, 10/22, 1/14