JBU's Master of Arts in Higher Education requires 30 hours of coursework, which includes 24 hours of Higher Education core coursework, 3 hours of Leadership coursework and 3 hours of Cognate coursework.

Higher Education Courses

HED 7113 - History and Philosophy of American Higher Education (3 credit hours)

A study of the historical development of American higher education. The course reviews significant changes within the higher education system, focusing on higher educational institutional philosophy, objectives and functions. This serves to lay the foundation for understanding higher educational programs, issues and trends. Included as a focus of the course is an overview of the development and issues in Christian higher education.

HED 7213 - Understanding and Applying Research in Higher Education (3 credit hours)

An introduction to research design and methodology relevant to research in the field of higher education within the contexts of both academic research and applied research.

HED 7663 - The College Student: Issues, Policies and Programs (3 credit hours)

A foundational examination of student characteristics, demographics, beliefs and cultural patterns in North American higher education. Major theories are reviewed that will assist the educational leader in developing policy and programs to maximize learning in the collegiate environment.

HED 7993 - Administrative Leadership in Higher Education (3 credit hours)

Analysis of leadership theories and concepts as they relate to utilizing higher education resources to manage change. The course incorporates current higher education trends and issues as contexts for inquiry and analysis into leadership of the various functional areas of higher education.

HED 8003 - Planning and Financial Management of Colleges and Universities (3 credit hours)

An examination of the planning and financial management practices internal to colleges and universities, with a primary focus on non-profit private institutions. Provides a working knowledge of budget development, financial management, and fiduciary control in higher education institutions.

HED 8033 - Christian Foundations in Higher Education (3 credit hours)

An investigation of the foundational elements of Christian faith, values and perspectives and their relationship to principles of higher education and the role of the academic administrator.

HED 8263 - Higher Education Practicum (3 credit hours)

An approved higher education experience in an international or cross-cultural setting. This course will typically include several pre- and post-trip class meetings with specific expectations to fulfill both before and after the travel experience. Additional fees associated with this course/trip.

 HED 8443 - Law and Higher Education (3 credit hours)

An examination of basic legal theories and their application in higher education and to the various constituencies within colleges and universities, such as students, faculty, administrators, staff and governing boards. Constitutional mandates of due process and equal protection, nondiscrimination in employment and educational programs, privacy and openness, academic freedom, and contractual obligations are among the topics addressed.

HED 8903 - Selected Topics (3 credit hours)

The study of a specialized topic or area of focus within or related to the field of higher education. May be repeated. Prerequisites (if any) are dependent on topic as determined by instructor.

HED 8913 - Higher Education Project (3 credit hours)

A robust culminating project or thesis in which the student demonstrates learned skills and competencies of the graduate program. Individual project must be approved by advisor or faculty member.  Pre-requisite: HED 7213 Understanding and Applying Research in Higher Education 


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