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Meet Lauren Lane, Resident Director and MAHEd Student

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

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What comes to mind when you think of occupations in higher education? If you’re like most people, the first word you thought of was probably “professor.” In reality, higher education encompasses a wide range of occupations, including student development, admissions, career development services, intercollegiate athletics, ministry programs and other areas of college administration.

Originally from Henderson, Texas, Lauren Lane is pursuing her master’s in higher education at John Brown University. She first became interested in higher education at LeTourneau University, where she served as a resident assistant and the assistant resident director while pursuing her undergraduate degree in education. After graduating, Lauren spent time teaching in second and fourth grade classrooms, where her desire to work in higher education grew.

“I loved teaching and spending time with my students; however, I did not feel as if I had time to just sit down and have a conversation with them. I desired to know about their families, their passions, their faith, and who they truly are. I believed that the field of higher education would encourage me to pursue conversations with students in all areas of life, not just academic.”

Lauren’s desire to be a listening ear for students led her to John Brown University, where she is now a resident director. JBU's Master of Arts in Higher Education is taught from a Christian perspective, which has contributed to Lauren's great experience at JBU. One class that was particularly helpful to Lauren as an RD was College Student Development.

“I remember taking the course and being challenged to boldly speak with my students about their spiritual journeys. It was amazing to see the honesty from my students and the way that God allowed me to encourage and guide them.”

Lauren’s first year as an RD has shown her how rewarding it can be to work in higher education. When asked what she loves most about the position, she said interaction with the students.

“One of my favorite aspects is simply sitting and listening to my students. This past year, so many students opened up their lives to me. Many shared parts of who they are or what they were going through in ways I would have never imagined. Their vulnerability with me was a blessing. Seeing their positive growth and development is one of the main reasons that I love being an RD.”

As far as her future career plans, Lauren says, “mentoring students spiritually, academically, and personally is a must." Lauren may continue as a Resident Director or pursue a position as Director of Student Activities after graduating with her master’s in higher education.

Lauren’s story is just one testimony of how rewarding and diverse a career in higher education can be. We are thankful that she is a part of the JBU family!


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