Faith and learning go hand-in-hand at JBU

"Professors never shied away from difficult discussions"

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Kayla GoodrichThe Higher Education program wholly embodies John Brown University's "Head, Heart, Hand" philosophy. The professors are well-versed in their fields, providing not only academic knowledge but also practical, real-world applications. 

Faith and learning go hand-in-hand at John Brown both in and out of the classroom. The classes provided a safe haven for academic discussion as well as personal growth. Professors never shied away from the difficult discussions, but instead guided us into the tension, asking us to lean into the tough topics and conversations.  

The online learning experience at JBU is uniquely personal. While students keep in touch via discussion boards and emails, I also found that professors and classmates were willing to go the extra mile to make personal connections; group projects are completed via Skype and professors make personal phone calls to ensure you understand class expectations and coursework. One of my professors even held a Google Hangout to discuss my personal goals for the class as well as what I wanted out of the program. You won't find that depth of commitment to individual learning from another university.

If you're looking for a program that challenges your mind and your spirit, you'll find what you need at John Brown. 

-Kayla Goodrich
MS in Higher Education Leadership ('15)

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