Saturday, June 14, 2014

Giant's CausewayCastle from long ago built by the sea. Tales of mermaids and feuding clans, their ruins waiting for me.

Reality of where we are standing begins to sink in. Peeking through ancient stones, an adventure begins.

Educators become like children on a playground running around. Boundless nooks and crannies are yet to be found.

Amazement welcomes us next with rocks from the beginning of time. God placed them there, the wonders divine.

Trekking the path of the archaic rocks by the waves. My soul in awe his beauty it craves.

Imagining what this was like when God breathed life into man. Even the rocks cried out, "Glory to the Lamb!"

On the path we pause to learn and meet. Holding class like the Apostles at Jesus' feet.

Not wanting our mentorship to come to an end. We all know this called group of people will never be in this spot again.

We thank you Lord for bringing this called group together. As our journey comes to an end we realize the significance of this time and place. We have all been changed by the beauty of this group and most of all the beauty of your creation in our world and the creation you have shaped in us.Dunluce Castle

Adria Trombley
JBU Graduate Education Student

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