Friday, June 13, 2014

The beauty of Northern Ireland is almost indescribable and difficult to catch within the lens of a camera. Wonder lurks around every corner. I have tried to capture some favorite scenes in both photographs and words.

Lupines and poppiesFootsteps in Ireland
drape like necklaces around
the Emerald Isle.

Lush, rolling, green hills
give way to quaint cottages
with winking windows.

Tucking in for an
Ulster Fry, promises a
day full of surprise.

Ancient cathedrals
anchor tiny hamlets and
bustling cities.

Tracing the footsteps
of St. Patrick trying to
imagine the past.

The saint lived in the
presence of God, embracing
His signs and wonder.

Susan Hensley
JBU Graduate Education Student

Blog HomePosted By: Susan Hensley - 6/13/14 9:46 PM

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