Thursday, June 5, 2014

Ireland cottageA group of Graduate Education students is currently in Northern Ireland on an international studies trip. They'll be sharing their experiences on this blog during their time in Ireland.

Yesterday I arrived at the Belfast International Airport and was delighted to be greeted there by Dr. Hadden Wilson! We traveled to his home, where his wife, Betty, had prepared tea and biscuits for us. It was my goal to stay active all day, so I accompanied Hadden as he met up with other JBU study teams---first at Saul Church and then on to Inch Abbey. Once again, I was struck by the quieting presence of God as we entered intersections of history while experiencing communion with Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. I can hardly wait to bring the Education Master's group to these same places next week!

Gloria Gale, Ph.D.
Professor of Education

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