4 + 1 MAT

Learn more about the 4 + 1 MAT Program

You’re passionate about your current major at JBU, but you also feel called to teach. With the MAT 4+1 program, you can do both! Earn your bachelor’s degree plus your M.A. in Teaching and standard teaching license in as little as FIVE years!

Who Could Benefit?    

  • JBU undergraduate students who would like to get an undergraduate degree in their subject area and then pursue a teaching license at the master’s level.
  • JBU undergraduate students who would like to teach in areas that JBU does not currently have an undergraduate path leading to a teaching license.

Why go the 4+1 route?

  1. You can get hired right away. After finishing your bachelor’s degree, you would be eligible to be hired in a teaching position with a provisional teaching license while finishing your MAT. For students who are hired at this time, the program internship would be a part of your job.
  2. You could earn a higher salary. You could have 17 graduate hours by the time you graduate with your bachelor’s. Many school districts provide extra pay for teachers that have 15 hours above their degree.
  3. It’s a better value. While working on your bachelor’s degree, under- graduate tuition can cover the cost of graduate classes. Plus, JBU Graduate Education tuition remains competitive with area universities.

How does the program work?

While earning your bachelor’s degree at JBU, you can take graduate courses which can count for both graduate and undergraduate hours at the same time. Up to 12 graduate hours count as elective credit toward your bachelor’s degree. Some MAT classes can be completed fully online, and some are offered in a hybrid format. Hybrid courses can be accessed remotely from wherever you are, or you can choose meet in-person on JBU’s campus.

Upon completion of your bachelor’s degree, you’ll have approximately one year left of graduate courses, which includes a teaching internship. Most graduate students at JBU work full-time while earning their master’s degrees.







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