Earn your master's degree in cybersecurity.

The M.S. in Cybersecurity program equips students to meet the growing demand for cybersecurity experts across all industries. The program is designed for working professionals seeking to develop an understanding of digital threats, laws, compliance, and securing the assets that guard private information.

Why JBU?

  1. Experiential Learning. As an upcoming cybersecurity professional, you will be expected to demonstrate technical skills in the workplace. At JBU, you’ll have the opportunity to work with firewalls, intrusion detection systems, vulnerability assessment tools, and numerous other tools. Additionally, you will learn the significance of today’s legal issues and information security policies in organizations.
  2. Experienced Faculty. At JBU, you’ll learn from passionate, knowledgeable instructors with years of professional cybersecurity experience in a variety of sectors, including healthcare, energy, retail, and government.
  3. Convenient & Engaging Format. Our 30-hour program is delivered 100% online, so you can earn your degree while maintaining your personal and professional priorities. Using a combination of live video, pre-recorded video, and online virtual labs, you'll get to engage with your professors and peers while keeping your schedule flexible.
  4. Focus on Christian Values. At JBU, we believe in education of the whole person – head, heart, and hand. The cybersecurity industry is full of ethically challenging situations that walk a fine line between securing and exposing data. The JBU cybersecurity faculty will teach you how to navigate those situations within the context of a Christian worldview. 

Requirements for the Master of Science (M.S.) degree in Cybersecurity


  • CYB 7103 Cybersecurity Foundations
  • CYB 7113 Legal Issues and Ethics
  • CYB 7133 Digital Forensics
  • CYB 7213 Network Security
  • CYB 7233 Information Technology Risk Management
  • CYB 8113 Security Policies and Privacy
  • CYB 8213 Secure Infrastructure Operations
  • CYB 8233 Ethical Hacking and Incident Response
  • CYB 8313 Secure Software Design


  • CYB 8983 Capstone Project


Proceeding through the courses sequentially as noted above is the recommended progression.

Admissions Requirements

Students entering the MS in Cybersecurity program are expected to have a working understanding of computer programming and networks. To qualify for regular admission to the JBU Cybersecurity program, students must hold a bachelor’s degree from a regionally accredited college or university with a 2.70/4.00 GPA, preferably in an appropriate technical area, such as*:

  • Computer programming
  • Computer science
  • Information systems/Information systems management
  • Information technology
  • Mathematics/Applied mathematics
  • Engineering

*Graduates of other degree programs who can provide evidence of competency in the areas of computer programming, algebra and networks will be considered for admissions.  Examples of evidence would include the successful completion of undergraduate courses in these fields, CLEP exams, technical certifications, and professional experience as demonstrated through a resume.




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