Susan Goss

Susan Goss, M.S., John Brown University

Susan Goss's life is the perfect example of the "ripple effect." As an educator, wife, mother and women's minister, she has been a positive influence to many. Now an alumnus of the Graduate School at JBU, Susan is making new waves.

She's been the wife to Steve for 32 years, and mother to their boys Chad (25) and Jake (23). With a master's degree in elementary education, she has held significant administrative roles in the Bentonville, Arkansas, Public School District. She has also served in a variety of ministry roles over the years, from being the women's ministry director at her church, to mentoring younger women of faith, to co-teaching Sunday school with her husband Steve.

More recently, Susan sensed a call from God to create yet another ripple of influence. She enrolled and ultimately graduated with a Master of Science in Counseling degree from John Brown University.

Susan was initially attracted to JBU's program because of its integrated model of education, which combines academic theory with Christian spirituality and faith. "JBU enhanced my work by giving me the confidence to face clients daily, preparing me academically (knowing theory and technique), and integrating my faith into the therapeutic setting."

Now, as a graduate of JBU's Master of Science program in Counseling, Susan not only brings excellence and expertise to her profession, but wisdom that comes from being trained with a Christian worldview. She and many JBU grads like her are creating ripples of influence in their communities and around the world.

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