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"I have been very pleased with the online courses at JBU. The Wimba virtual classroom is great and enables me to see the instructor's lecture online. And, with the use of a headset, I have the ability to interact and ask questions. In fact, I learned more in my online graduate statistics course than I did in my live undergraduate statistics course!"

Robby, Graduate Counseling Student

At JBU, we realize that it can be difficult to juggle career, family, school and other activities. To accommodate the busy schedules of working professionals, many Graduate Counseling courses are offered online. 

All online courses are interactive and all faculty are selected based upon their subject matter expertise and passion for sharing both knowledge and experience with students through the use of various virtual interactive forums and collaborative e-learning initiatives. 

JBU has utilized the top standard for delivery of distance coursework, ensuring that every course has an interactive component and utilizes both synchronous and nonsynchronous modalities. While the degree is not offered completely online, the courses that have been selected for this type of delivery have been approved by the Arkansas Board of Examiners in Counseling and Marriage and Family Therapy. Please be advised that different states have different rules and regulations regarding distance online courses. JBU does not assume responsibility for courses that are not recognized (or allowed) in other states. Any student who takes an online counseling course at JBU must determine whether this course will be accepted in that particular state.



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