Eduardo NavaEduardo Nava, M.S., John Brown University

A good teacher recognizes a good teacher.

Eduardo Nava is such a person. Eduardo, a former elementary school special education teacher, knows the challenges that the classroom can bring. So when he enrolled in JBU's Graduate Counseling program, he had high expectations of the professors in the program.

Eduardo wasn't disappointed. In fact, he was impressed beyond his expectations.

"Probably the most memorable experience I had at JBU has to do with the professors with whom I had the privilege to work.I expected my graduate professors to be knowledgeable. However, I did not expect them to be approachable." 

Edaurdo found his learning experience extended beyond the academic content of his courses. "The professors in the counseling department at JBU are conscientious about how they treat their students. Their kindness and respectful attitudes always left me feeling encouraged and with a sense of dignity."

Eduardo chose JBU for his graduate studies because several of his colleagues who had been through JBU graduate programs highly recommended it. "JBU has a great reputation among many educators in my school district for its academic and ethical standards."

As a 2009 graduate with an MS degree in counseling, Eduardo has transitioned from teaching elementary classes to serving in the school system as a guidance counselor.
"Because of my JBU education, I was able to fulfill my lifelong dream of being a school counselor. I have always enjoyed helping and serving others, but to be able to wake up every morning knowing that I am going to do something that I love and that I believe God has called me to do is exhilarating."



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