JBU Community Counseling Clinics

Many Graduate Counseling students fulfill their internship requirements by holding actual counseling sessions under supervision at JBU Community Counseling Clinics (formerly referred to as CARE Clinics).

JBU Community Counseling Clinics are located in Siloam Springs, Fort Smith, and Little Rock. The staff consists of interns who are available to counsel with individuals or families on a regular basis at reduced rates. The interns are under the direct supervision of a JBU Graduate Counseling faculty member. Licensed counselors are also available for counseling sessions and all faculty and local counselors who use the clinic are licensed by the state of Arkansas.

Not only do the JBU Community Counseling Clinics provide a valuable service to those in the community, but it also provides JBU master's-level counseling students in the final stages of their counseling program a place to grow and learn as well as to serve the kingdom of God.

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