"Here We Go Again!"

Amberlee's Inspiring Journey

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

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“It has been beautiful to see Amberlee blossom into her calling to walk alongside others in their hardest journeys.”

I have known Amberlee as girlfriend, fiancé, and wife. Throughout our relationship, there has been one constant–grad school. Six of the seven years we have known each other, our family has been absorbed in the pursuit of a Master’s in Marriage and Family (with an emphasis in Community Counseling). Amberlee committed to complete this portion of her education debt-free, and we have completed it without taking out a single student loan. It took her a long time to save for each class, working a full-time job and attending classes at night, planning a wedding on a tight budget, transitioning to a graduate assistantship position, and taking care of our 3-year-old daughter while seeing clients for practicum. But we're done, and we've come through stronger and learned more than we could have imagined.

Even through exhaustion of attending night classes, Amberlee would come home brimming with excitement to discuss all she was learning. Her education has helped to shape the values of our marriage, our family, and our faith. She has worked relentlessly by studying hard for every class, attending extra-curricular professional training, and being an excellent worker, mother, and wife throughout. It has been difficult at times, but it has been beautiful to see Amberlee blossom into her calling to walk alongside others in their hardest journeys. Not only is she filled with joy by walking in her calling, but we have learned practical skills that we employ in our marriage and as parents on a daily basis.

Indeed, experiencing this journey with her has inspired me. We have prayerfully decided to follow God's calling for a career change for myself. I will be following the path she has blazed and begin pursuing the completion of my undergraduate degree, and eventually my Master’s in Marriage and Family Therapy as well. Here we go again!


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