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"The growth that happened during our times at JBU both individually and together has made our marriage stronger in so many ways..."

Thursday, June 2, 2016

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Dusty and I have a unique graduate school story. I completed my master’s in Marriage and Family Therapy at JBU in 2013. Soon after, Dusty felt the Lord call him to pursue the same program. I had shared so much with my husband about my experiences at JBU–how much I was learning, growing and loving my time there–that it caught his attention. He supported me while I was finishing my degree, and I had the chance to return the favor when he started school. 

I was so excited for Dusty to begin the program because I knew he would love it. We could now talk in greater depth about so many things; it was really fun to have a shared language. I loved seeing him grow personally, academically, and spiritually. Dusty not only gained confidence, but he began to walk in even deeper ways with Jesus as well. We also found a great community of other graduate students to spend time with and enjoyed sharing life with them.

Amidst all the blessings this program brought were also challenges. Dusty continued to work while he was in school, and I was just beginning my professional career, so it was a busy time for us both. Dusty would work during the day and then have classes in the evenings and I would have clients in the evenings. Then when he began his internship, he started seeing his own clients. There were days when it seemed like we hardly saw each other. Although this was trying, it did help us learn how to be intentional about our time together. We also learned how to support and encourage each other during stressful times and work together as a team. Most importantly, we learned how to pray together and give one another much needed grace.

Although there were ups and downs, completing the program was so worth it! The growth that happened during our times at JBU both individually and together has made our marriage stronger in so many ways and helped prepare us for future seasons of life. I truly believe the Lord has given us a gift through all we have learned, and it will have an impact on our family for generations to come. I am so grateful for our experiences and look forward to seeing all the ways God uses them to spread His love to others.


Katie Gudde
Marriage and Family Therapy Alumna


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