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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

I remember my first day of graduate school at JBU. I was super nervous, filled with anxiety, and not very confident in my abilities as a student in a graduate program. Those feelings were alleviated the moment I walked into the classroom that first day. Students were introducing themselves to me the minute I walked in. I felt a sense of community that I had never encountered in a school setting before, and it felt great! I had two classes that day and found that my professors only enhanced the community feeling among the students. On my drive home, I knew that my decision to attend JBU was not only the right one, but the perfect one!

As my first semester was progressing, I encountered many obstacles, but my fellow students and the staff were there for me every step of the way. In the counseling program, you begin a journey of self discovery that in my experience cannot be done alone. The days when I question myself not only as a student, but as a future counselor, I lean on my faith, my family, and my new found JBU family to help get me through. The JBU experience I have embarked on will not only make me a good future counselor in my community, but a better family member to my loved ones, and a better friend to people I encounter. I am and will always be eternally grateful for the chance to call myself a JBU grad someday soon!

Sam Eddy
JBU Graduate Counseling Student
Little Rock

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