Friday, October 31, 2014

Tayler KollerAs silly as it sounds, the John Brown University Graduate Counseling program befitted my top choice – and only choice – when I searched for graduate school. My counseling teacher at another Christian university invited Dr. Romig to give a class lecture on play therapy. Together, they sold me on the program. JBU’s qualities related to my undergraduate university: the accreditation, the faculty and staff and, most importantly, the individuality of the student. JBU really cares about who they are placing in the counseling field.

I learned the miraculous aspects of play therapy on children, and I desired to incorporate it into my big vision. Someday, I aspire to have a clinic that incorporates expression therapy, as well. The expression therapy will be explored by children and adolescents, and they will choose from play, art, music, theater, and dance therapy. I researched and made a phone call to the director, Dr. Carmack, as soon as I could. He addressed all of my controversial, yet difficult questions, and I decided JBU was the place for me.

Every day, the program shapes me to be a better counselor. Though I am a first semester student, the program quickly dove into ethics, which is crucial in the counseling world. My Theories and Techniques of Counseling course reiterates counseling approaches, forming a firm foundation for my future classes. The training for the counseling program is profound, yet interesting. 

Attending at the Little Rock location allows me to invest in my education and my little brother’s lives. The five-year-old and seven-year-old encourage me to be the best I can be. Also, my hometown is roughly 50 minutes away, and I am able to commute to work and school. I believe if I cannot be invested in the lives of my brothers and do what’s right, then I cannot be an adequate counselor for children and families in my career. So, I am happy to be able to do both.

I received an opportunity to work as the Graduate Assistant in the JBU Little Rock CARE Clinic. I consider it an absolute blessing, and a place where God wants me to be. I love my job, and when I say I love my job, I REALLY love my job. The CARE Clinic is a blessing to the community, as well. It helps those with lower income, without insurance, or anyone who needs counseling to receive care. The student counselors with supervision receive hands-on experience in working with individuals, children, couples, and families, and the community benefits and appreciates the services. We offer play therapy at the clinic, too.  I enjoy building team relationships with the interns, and I get excited to work with them. I’m honored to have this opportunity. God prepared me to do so, and He continually shapes me.

Tayler Koller
Marriage and Family Therapy student
JBU Little Rock Center

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