Practical experience, access to faculty set JBU apart

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Twyla FrancisTwyla Francis was a single mom when she decided that she wanted to help others by becoming a licensed counselor. Once she decided on a career path, she knew that counseling required a master’s degree, so she enrolled in JBU’s Degree Completion Program to complete her bachelor’s degree and prepare for graduate school.

“I chose JBU mostly because of the Christian worldview,” Francis said. “When I initially met with my admissions counselor, I immediately felt the difference. He wasn’t trying to sell me something or push his agenda, but he really listened to me.”

After completing her bachelor’s degree, she knew she wanted to stay at JBU for graduate school. “I just felt that JBU could be a place of healing for me,” Francis said. “I wanted to have Christian instructors to give me input and unique perspective on helping others through counseling.”

One of her favorite things about the program is JBU’s emphasis on practical experience. “If I was just taking classes and not getting the practical experience, I wouldn’t be as prepared,” Francis said. “Having access to all of my instructors plus my supervisor has been invaluable as I began seeing clients. If I run into a situation that seems uncommon, often one of my professors has often experienced something similar, and he or she can give me advice.”

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