Why I want to become a play therapist

Friday, October 11, 2013

A worker at a local agency attended the Play Therapy Clinic dedication in August. Afterward, she contacted the CARE Clinic to discuss what it would take for us to start seeing some children in play therapy.

The children are all in the process of being adopted. Justin Phillips, Whitney, Will, and I had a meeting with the four parents and woman from this agency. They told us their story, explained why they want counseling, and described their hopes for making the transition as smooth as possible for the children. 

While they were talking, I could barely contain my excitement. I have a passion for working with children in foster care and families who are going through the adoption process. I have often wondered how God would use me to reach such a specific population, and now this opportunity fell into my lap. I quickly told the parents about my heart for this population and stated that I would be thrilled to work with their children.

I have since been blessed with the opportunity to meet with these children. After my first session with them, I understood more fully why I was passionate about this population. It is clear how much God has protected them and what resilient spirits they have. One child was amazed at all of the sand tray figurines, and she asked, “Where did you get all of these?” Another asked me, “So, do we get to come here every week?”  When I answered yes, the child smiled and said, “Yay!”

I am amazed by how God has orchestrated my life up to this point. I have always known that I wanted to work with kids, and play therapy is the avenue I chose to use. Six months before I graduated with my bachelor’s degree, I had no idea where I wanted to go to graduate school. God brought John Brown University’s program onto my radar, and it ended up being the only school I applied to. I knew no one before moving here, but God came before me by preparing a roommate, an apartment, a job, a group of friends, and a church for me. God brought me to John Brown University right when the new Play Therapy Clinic was being built, and I am blessed to be one of the first interns to use the facility.

Working with clients allows me to help provide hope and healing for hurting children and families.  Because of the work I get to do and by God’s grace, generations will be impacted. I love being able to say that I am a part of His bigger story, and I cannot wait to see what the next chapter will hold!

Karissa Myers


Karissa Myers
Graduate Assistant
JBU Care Clinic, Fort Smith

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