Why JBU? The educational relationship between a prospective student and program representative.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

What a blessing it is to work as the representative in the Graduate Counseling Department at John Brown University! We have all heard how first impressions make or break us; I feel the same way about my position. If I do not represent our program well, that could break us or at least leave a bad impression.

The recruitment process usually begins with an inquiry from a prospective student. This inquiry can come in the form of a phone call, email, web response, or campus visit. It quickly moves from an initial contact to an educational relationship where students begin to tell me about their lives, goals and dreams. During our first few conversations, I begin to discuss the degrees we offer (Marriage and Family Therapy, Community Counseling, School Counseling, and Play Therapy Certificate), how and when courses are held, locations where we offer classes, financial aid, graduate assistantships, scholarships, accreditation, employment ability after graduation, and the licensure process. These are all important issues to consider when it comes to deciding on a graduate program.

After we have discussed their concerns and questions, I get to enter into my favorite part of the conversation. Here is where I begin to open their eyes to the exciting world of the JBU Graduate Counseling program. It is my favorite part because I get to see their eyes light up, and the thought train begins moving in forward motion.

The Graduate Counseling Program Director, Dr. John Carmack, has held his position for 17 years. He takes pride in the program, and hires only the best full-time faculty for teaching positions. He wants to make sure that he chooses the instructors that God has placed in his path. Each of our faculty counts it a privilege to teach in this program. It is their goal to prepare students to the best of their ability, not only educationally, but emotionally and spiritually. Our faculty has a desire to teach and to counsel. Each of our full-time professors is required to hold a PhD or be in the process of receiving a PhD. They are also required to continue working in the field and are given a day specifically to see clients so that they can still experience what they are teaching. These things bring about a higher level of education.

I also enjoy hearing faith stories from our prospective students, and how God is working in their lives. It is always such a joy to share with them the journey that God brought them on while leading them to JBU. Their open hearts allow me to share how God is working in the lives of our students and the program.

Once a prospective student makes the decision to apply, our enrollment manager and I work with them until we receive all of the required documents. This carries them through the entire process. This educational relationship with the program representative makes for an easy transition from prospective student to student. It also provides a since of comfort to know they always have someone to go to if they have any questions. John Brown University Graduate Counseling program is the place students go to learn how to help give hope to the hurting.

Nikki RaderNikki Rader
Graduate Counseling Program Representative


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