Tim HarrisTim Harris, MS, John Brown University


Tim Harris loves bringing old things back to life. Whether a vintage motorcycle, a classic Coca Cola vending machine, or an antique telephone, Tim has learned to not give up on an object's usefulness or value too soon.

He's applied this philosophy to his own life as well. While Tim is not exactly an "antique," he almost let his age hold him back from pursuing something new: a Master of Science degree in Leadership and Ethics at John Brown University.  

As an employee of a Fortune 500 company in Bentonville, Arkansas, for the past 18 years, Tim has proven himself a capable and recognized leader in management. He has thrived there, most recently accepting a promotion from Regional Manager in Transportation to Senior Director for Pharmacy Logistics. Clearly, Tim did not need another academic degree to qualify him for advancement.

But for the same reason he likes to restore and preserve things of value, Tim is eager to enhance his own service in the world.  "Ethical behavior has always been important to me, mainly because of my upbringing in a Christian home. Corporations have not acted in the most ethical manner over the past few years and many scandals have been exposed."

Tim determined to do everything he could to promote ethical behavior in the workplace. So when he heard about JBU's master's degree program in Leadership and Ethics, he felt compelled to go back to school and learn more about the subject.

The result is a broader perspective, the ability to make changes in the workplace, and greater courage to accept new challenges and opportunities for growth…proving that it's never too late to learn something new.

"I thought I was too old to bother [with a masters degree]," Tim says. "I'm so happy that I didn't let age hold me back because it is done now, and I'm better for the experience."


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