MBA - Market Research & Consumer Insights

Visualize and utilize data for decision making in organizations

In a time where the availability of information is growing rapidly, businesses need to go beyond just summarizing numbers—they have an urgent need to hire people who can research, analyze, and synthesize multiple sources of data (surveys, interviews, social media, sales transactions, etc.) to uncover meaningful insights and actionable information that accurately reflects the "voice of the customer." 

If you are looking to advance your career and work in a dynamic and growing industry that has been identified as increasingly critical for the success of any business, then this could be the right program for you.  With a heavy focus on research and an emphasis on data and analytics, this program is designed for students with a desire to visualize and utilize data for decision making in organizations.  In addition to the business core, MBA – MRCI hours will be focused in areas such as digital marketing analytics, consumer behavior, and both quantitative and qualitative marketing research.

MBA, Market Research & Consumer Insights Concentration

Foundational Courses to Meet Prerequisites - 9 hours

  • BUS 6023 Foundations of Economic Theory (or undergraduate Economics course)
  • BUS 6003 Foundations of Accounting & Finance (or undergraduate Accounting and Finance class)
  • BUS 6013 Foundations of Quantitative Methods (or undergraduate Quantitative Methods course)

Business Administration Core - 24 hours

  • BUS 7013 Managerial Accounting
  • BUS 7033 Organizational Management & Leadership
  • BUS 7113 Marketing Strategies
  • BUS 7223 Managerial Economics
  • BUS 8003 Managerial Finance
  • BUS 8033 Christian Foundations of Business
  • BUS 8043 Quantitative Methods for Business
  • BUS 8793 Designing & Executing Strategies

Market Research & Consumer Insights - 12 hours

  • BUS 8213 Quantitative Marketing Research
  • BUS 8283 Digital Marketing Analytics
  • BUS 8373 Consumer Insights & Decision Making
  • BUS 8413 Qualitative Marketing Research

TOTAL CREDIT HOURS – 36-45 (depending on previous completion of prerequisites) 

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