MBA - International Business

Think globally

The International Business concentration is for people who want to effectively begin, manage, and close various types of business projects, utilizing appropriate analyses, change-management skills, and effective decision making. This program also teaches students to productively adapt to cross-cultural business environments, understand frame of reference, and successfully navigate global business practices.

As part of this educational experience, students spend time applying what they learn in an international setting through a one- to two-week international trip. JBU’s International Business MBA program will help students develop a general set of management and leadership skills that can be transferred to many areas in addition to specific multinational knowledge, focusing on the different factors that affect multinational operations management. 

MBA, International Business Concentration

Foundational Courses to Meet Prerequisites - 9 hours

  • BUS 6003 Foundations of Accounting & Finance (or undergraduate Accounting and Finance class)
  • BUS 6013 Foundations of Quantitative Methods (or undergraduate Quantitative Methods course)
  • BUS 6023 Foundations of Economic Theory (or undergraduate Economics course

Business Administration Core - 24 hours

  • BUS 7013 Managerial Accounting
  • BUS 7033 Organizational Management & Leadership
  • BUS 7113 Marketing Strategies
  • BUS 7223 Managerial Economics
  • BUS 8003 Managerial Finance
  • BUS 8033 Christian Foundations of Business
  • BUS 8043 Quantitative Methods for Business
  • BUS 8793 Designing & Executing Strategies

International Business - 12 hours

  • BUS 7213 Global Leadership & Ethics
  • BUS 8113 Global Supply Chain
  • BUS 8263 International Business Practicum*
  • BUS 8343 Strategies for Emerging Markets

*The requirement of BUS 8263 can be waived if the student can demonstrate significant international business experience. The student would then replace BUS 8263 with any advisor approved BUS course from the graduate program.

TOTAL CREDIT HOURS – 36-45 (depending on previous completion of prerequisites) 

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